vdp Property Price Index

Rents and purchase prices for individual properties as well as their value-influencing factors are systematically collected in the vdp transaction database (vdp-Transaktionsdatenbank). On the basis of these data, hedonic methods are applied to construct property indexes that reflect purely the price movement of a particular real estate market. The vdp price index for owner occupied housing has been presented to the public in February 2010, the vdp Index for Office Buildings in May 2011, the vdp Index for Multi Family Housing in October 2012 and the Indicies for Retail Buildings in April 2014.

With effect from 1 July 2009, work on the transaction database was transferred from the vdp to the newly established vdpResearch. This is meant to ensure comprehensive evaluations and analyses on an ongoing basis and to provide these data to participants in the transaction database.

Up to now, about 260 Banks have submitted information about more than 2.1 million properties to the database. Since 2003, the vdp transaction database has provided an overview of the price trend on the German property market, for both Germany as a whole and for the individual regional and other sub-markets for specific property types. Given the extremely diverse nature of real estate, hedonic methods are applied which filter out the quality differences of the individual properties included in the database and purely measure the price trend.

The brochure below provides an overview of latest results and methodological foundations of vdp real estate price indices.

Index Brochure Q3.2017

vdp Property Price Index - Download

Please find below the vdp Property Price Index in tabular form:

vdp property price index Q1.2003-Q3.2017
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