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The vdp conveys the common standpoints of German Pfandbrief banks to legislators, the government, authorities, as well as banking and financial-sector institutions at the national, European and international levels. In addition, it informs the media and the public. Below you’ll find positions by the vdp on statutory changes that have an impact on Pfandbriefe and the underlying business sectors of Pfandbrief banks.

Articles & interviews

Housing Finance International

Round Table Covered Bond Legislation

Article by Dr. Otmar Stöcker


„ECB seems to prefer high amplitude“

Interview with Gero Bergmann

In an interview with the Börsen-Zeitung, vdp President Gero Bergmann criticizes the European Central Bank on the subject of real estate valuation. He does not believe in ideas at EU level to harmonize with the Anglo-Saxon practice of rapidly increasing values in boom phases and rapidly reducing them in downturns.


Understanding transformation as an opportunity for the property sector

By Gero Bergmann

The real estate market and its financiers are facing major challenges. It is necessary to refurbish the building stock in terms of energy efficiency, make new buildings more energy-efficient, create affordable housing, enable offices for the working world of tomorrow and keep inner cities liveable and vibrant. To meet these challenges, an overall framework for transformation finance is needed. Here, regulation is often at odds with political goals.

Housing Finance International

Round Table on Security Rights over Immovable Property (Part 2) - Assessoriness of Security Rights over Immovable Property

Article by Dr. Otmar Stöcker and Prof. Dr Dres. h.c. Rolf Stürner

The Covered Bond Report

vdp Issuance Climate survey forecasts heavier weather

Article by The Covered Bond Report zum vdp-Emissionsklima


"Headwinds aren't coming from every direction"

Interview with vdp President Gero Bergmann

In his first interview as the newly elected vdp President, Gero Bergmann comments on the situation in the real estate and Pfandbrief markets and on regulatory measures that often fail to achieve their goals. For Bergmann, financing the transformation to a more sustainable real estate industry is of great importance.